3 countries to visit that love Black women

Exploring the world can teach you so many things about yourself and your heritage. There are many destinations with a connection to black and Afro Latina heritage. It would be ignorant to say that we’re in a post-racial society but don’t let that stop you from exploring and experiencing new cultures.

As black women we are sisters, mothers, wives and more.  It’s time to put yourself first, and plan an awesome trip to a beautiful country that will welcome you with open arms.   So which countries will make you feel at home?  Here’s  a list of places abroad that will make every Black woman feel a bit more at home while exploring abroad.

Pack your bags, book your flight and enjoy a sensuous vacation. These destinations are culturally diverse and thriving, don’t miss out!


In truth, Italian men love black women. This is so true. Locals are welcoming, friendly and open-minded to visitors – especially to African America women.  Furthermore, you’ll find lots of interracial couples and families in Italy. The food culture is amazing. There are countless numbers of restaurants!

Paris, France

From late greats like James Baldwin and Josephine Baker, there is a long history of African-Americans in France. To many blacks, France is seen as a perfect escape from the racist culture evidently displayed in the United States. Of all the cities in France, Paris, the City of Lights, is the most popular destination for blacks.

Visit the Eiffel Tower, enjoy amazing views from Montmartre and discover more about Black Paris on foot. Asides the magnificent sites to see in Paris, you can learn more about African-American ex-pat history.


Brazil, a South American country, has a flair for black culture. Frei Antonio Vieira, a reputable missionary dating back to the 17th century, once said that Brazil has “the body of America and the soul of Africa. As a matter of fact, Brazil is home to the largest population of black people in the world outside of the African continent. From dance & art to tasty local cuisine to beautiful beaches and impressive sights, the unique African culture is evident everywhere.

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