7 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Seattle

If the question ‘why move to Seattle?’ pops into your head while considering relocating and settling in Seattle, then trust me, you’re not alone. You probably want to know all that there is to know about Seattle before moving.

Over the last few years, it will interest you to know that Seattle’s population keeps growing and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Many come to Seattle for several reasons – jobs, adventure, lifestyle, active culture, etc. Whatever your reason(s) are, here’s what you need to know before moving to Seattle, the emerald city!


You must have probably heard about how unending rain falls in Seattle and all that. The truth is, it’s not as terrible as it has been painted to be. It will interest you to know that in Seattle, there is over 150 days of sunshine and just 92 days of ‘precipitation’. If that still sounds like a lot, then be sure to know that Chicago, Houston, New York City and even Boston all receive far more rain as compared to the emerald city, Seattle.

Also, you should know that regardless of the rain in Seattle, you wouldn’t need an umbrella most likely. The rain falls like drizzle or mist, which makes using umbrellas very elective. Using an umbrella in Seattle city is like screaming “Hi everyone! I’m new around here!”. The cloudy weather prominent in Seattle is perhaps the issue, unlike other American cities.


The cost of living in Seattle is actually not cheap, but it’s also not as high as compared to other cities like New York City, LA and San Francisco. It’s crucial you know this if you intend to move to Seattle because you’d very much want to be able to afford the necessities to keep you going. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on fun options that Seattle provides.


If you’re a fan of warm summer days with relatively low humidity and outstanding views, then you’d be glad you moved to Seattle! It’s perfect for any kind of outdoor or sports activity with the average temperature resting beautifully at 75 degrees. What’s more, with some of the lowest humidity in the United States! More interestingly, there are lots of awesome things to do during summer like hiking, water skiing, parasailing, festival enjoyments, music, art, food festival and much more! Summer in Seattle is indeed glorious.


As it stands, Seattle stands boldly as second place on the list of USA’s greatest tech cities, with San Francisco being the first. It will interest you to know that Seattle is home to tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing, employing over 160,000 Seattleites. Companies like Google, Dropbox, Apple, Facebook, Snapchat, Adobe are recent additions to Seattle, and interestingly, more tech companies keep flooding the city!


The diverse population of Seattle’s residents has birthed different food scenes. So you can be sure never to lack delicious food options as long as Seattle becomes your home.

Added to the exciting food scene is the fact that Seattle is America’s greatest coffee town, and yeah, Seattleites take coffee pretty seriously! Several highly-rated specialty shops of coffee are also very much affordable. Awesome, right? Well, there’s more. The beer in Seattle is also awesome with the ever-growing wealth of taprooms and breweries dotted throughout the city. You sure have quite a wide variety of options to eat and drink from!


This is perhaps one of the apparent downsides of Seattle, owing to the ever-increasing population of the emerald city which breeds bad traffic. As it stands, it is the 7th worst traffic city in America. The good news in all of this is the fact that Seattle does have public transit that can take you to just about anywhere. And there’s the option of the LINK light rail option as well. So maybe that could suffice if you don’t want to drive, and the availability of public transportation makes the city bearable without a car.


You must have heard about the “Seattle Freeze”, which points to the fact that people have noted the residents of Seattle not to be quite friendly. Well, it’s a bustling city with several people boxed up in their professional lives. What is certain is that if you meet a Seattleites in their personal/comfort spaces, you would realize that they’re warm and friendly. You could volunteer in the neighborhood and watch some folks turn out nice. Perhaps it’s just the weather, or maybe it’s just the speedy pace of life in Seattle.

So, if you’re thinking about moving to Seattle, you might want to consider your finances, lifestyle and principles, and of course, see if the pros and cons of moving to Seattle match your relocation needs and desires. In the end, it’s a fantastic place to be!

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