How to Choose the Best Time of Year to Move Cross Country

Moving across the country can be a real adventure. Not only are you making an exciting new change. You have tons to think about; from packing, renting a truck, hiring movers and even down to picking the best time of year to move. These little details can heavily impact your moving experience, in more ways than one.

So, what is the best time of the year to move ?

Well, it depends on your current priorities and family needs. Keep reading and we’ll discuss what may be the best time of the year to move across the country.

Whether your looking for times when it is cheaper, less stressful or better for children, we’ve got answers!

Best Time of the Year to Move and Save Money

If you move during the late September to April window you’ll be more likely to save a lot of money. In this period the demand for movers usually slows down, which makes rates lower and more affordable.

On the other hand, the weather is a lot cooler and may make moving a little uncomfortable. If you can bare the chilly season, you could potentially save yourself some real cash. Then you can use that extra cash, to buy your new spot some cozy comforts.

We will note, winter is not ideal if you’re moving with small children. However, if you don’t have children and the cold doesn’t bother you, moving during the cold season is your best option to save the most money!

Less Stressful Time of the Year to Move

For those who are looking for a smooth transition with less stress as possible, mid-season is your time to make a move. The Fall season offers great weather conditions for moving: you won’t be bothered by extreme cold or hear. You’ll be able to avoid sweating during truck loading and packing which can really take a toll in the summer months. During Fall, you can also still find great deals with movers because you’re still in the off peak season.

Spring can also offer ideal weather and atmosphere for moving. The flowering trees offer a great background experience, giving you a boost of energy and enthusiasm. The weather is neither harsh nor hot, and the demand for movers is still lighter than the summer months. This is an ideal time to move, to get the best weather and still save.

Best Time of the Year to Move with Children

The best time of the year to move cross country if you have children is definately Summer.

First of all, they won’t be in school, so for you, it could be easier to get organized, pack your things, get everyone in the car.

Moving during the summer would also be little less stressful for your children because they can close out their current school year, and say their goodbyes. They would avoid having to register in two schools for that school year. Thus, minimizing the stress of changing schools and meeting new people in the middle of the year.

Summer vacation time is also a great time for children to make positive new memories in their new home. Preparing your children ahead of time, is key to creating positive emotions around moving.

Best Time of Year to Move and Sell

Summer is also the best time of the year for selling your old house and getting a great deal. This is the period when the demand is highest and you can obtain the highest price. If you live in a market where inventory is already low, summer is a HOT time to sell.

You should expect multiple offers and buyers who are eager to start their new lives, and get settled before Fall.

In conclusion, there is no absolute best time of the year to move across country.

Moving is greatly impacted by your needs and preferences. Although many will give their opinions, in the end the choice is yours. If you see an opportunity, sometimes you just have to go for it, whether is the right season or not.

We hope we’ve just given you some helpful tips, to help you find the best time to move for you and your family!

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