Black Panther Movie inspired Travel Destinations

The whole world has been raving about Marvel’s latest superhero installation ‘Black Panther’ and why not? This movie is setting new records in the movie industry raking in a whooping 76 million dollars on it’s first day and has continued to bring in more money since then. 

Asides from the amazing box office success in such a short amount of time, we are ecstatic because black panther is a superhero movie by an all black cast made for the emancipation of black people. It tells the story of black people amazingly – a story that for the first time in forever changes the narrative about black people, showing them in a different light than what they are usually portrayed as. 

This movie gives black people ‘power’. Power is a word that is never used in the same sentence as black people. It opens everybody’s mind to a lot of questions. Questions of what could have been, and it broadens our perspective to see that even though the reality is different, it doesn’t define any of us. So forgive us if we have been over the moon with joy it  is because  this story has been a long time coming. 

The story is not the only amazing thing about this big pot of delicious goodness, the stunning country – Wakanda, where the story is set is yet another reason to be grateful for this movie. Wakanda is the home country where Black panther rules over.  

Close your eyes and imagine an African country or continent that was never colonized, a country where the black race was left to just be free. Now open your eyes and welcome to Wakanda; a picturesque kingdom that is technologically hyper advanced with stunning scenery and vivid sites that calls out to you. It is the land of your dreams where anything is possible, and it is no doubt the best place to live in and vacation as well. 

The travel enthusiast in me couldn’t help but appreciate the amazing locations that acted as the backdrop for most of the scenes and sequences. In my head I was already making plans to book the next flight to this beautiful country. 

If you are like me and you were already daydreaming about your next vacation to this beautiful country, it will interest you to know that Wakanda does not exist in the real world. I know that is sad, but even if you cannot make it to Wakanda you can come close as most of the scenes in the movie were inspired by real places and shot in real locations which presented made the kingdom seem so real. 

“This beautiful spot is

one of the most

sought after tourist

destinations in Argentina”

We are so grateful that Marvel decided to use real places to bring Black Panther’s gorgeous cinematography to life, and give us more places to dream of visiting. So pack your bags and come along with me to these amazing places that made up the fictional kingdom. The movie was shot in three locations – Africa, Asia and America. 

Africa: even though Wakanda was supposed to be a secret East African country, only a very small part of the movie was actually shot in Africa. 

The scene where Black panther aircraft enters Wakanda is shot in Africa. Most of the aerial footage used in most of the scenes were a combination of different shots taken in South Africa, Zambia and Uganda.  If you haven’t visited any country in Africa, these three countries would be a great place to start your exploration. 

Asia: a major part of this movie was shot in Asia – in the beautiful Busan city, South Korea to be precise. Most of the distinctive landmarks in the city can be seen in various scenes in the movie. One scene that sticks out in the movie trailer is the car chase action sequence, this scene was shot on top of the Gwangali bridge and Gwangali beach. The bridge is a major landmark in Busan city, it is 1.4km long and spreads out over the beach. It makes for a beautiful tourist attraction especially at night when the lights come out. The area surrounding the bridge is really popular with tourists because the area is filled with numerous cafes, restaurants and high end fashion stores.  

Jagalchi market is another prominent part of Busan city that was this movie was shot in. This market is a popular tourist attraction, famous for being the largest seafood market in the country. If you make the decision to visit Busan City, South Korea, make sure you pay a visit to this market and be sure to try out the raw fish and other sea food sold here. 

America: as is common with almost all Marvel movies, most of the principal photography of Black panther  was shot in Pine Studios located in Atlanta Georgia, so you might want to include Georgia in your travel bucket list. 

Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina was also another beautiful destination that featured a lot in this movie. The scenes where Black panther was at the Warrior fall, facing his entire tribe on one rock face of the waterfall, the place where Black Panther had his coronation and the part where an aircraft was seen flying through a huge waterfall were all shot at this destination. 

The waterfalls make up the Iguazu river at the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and thee Brazilian state of Parana. Together, these waterfalls make the largest waterfall system in the world.  

This beautiful spot is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Argentina, and what makes it even more amazing is it is incredibly affordable. 

If there is one thing this movie thought us it is that anything is possible. Individually, these places are not Wakanda, but if you can’t make it to Wakanda you can come really close to creating your own version. So wanderlusts, what are you waiting for? Pick a destination and get there!

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