Black Travel Groups for 30 and Up

Group travel has many benefits; automatic companions (socializing), group travel discounts and a chance to explore beautiful destinations with like minded people.   Black Travel groups are formed for many different interest from black singles travel to black solo travel, just pick your crowd.

We found a number of sites and blogs that cater to black adults over 30 and we think they’re worth checking out.  Each website offers something unique, so you may want to bookmark each one to reference from time to time and see what they offer. – This website contains information on several cruises for Black singles. Topics include gospel cruises, comedy cruises, jazz cruises, gay and lesbian cruises, and more. – Soul Of America is a great Black travel website. Destinations include the United States, Caribbean islands and other international locations. Cruises are for singles, couples or groups.


You will also find information on various events for African-Americans here in the US and abroad. Events typically include gospel festivals, Black film festivals, conferences, art festivals, patrimonial visits and more.– Blacks Over 40 is a place where Black men and women who are 40 or older can connect. You will obtain information on annual cruises for African-Americans over 40 years of age. Unfortunately, there is not much information published on the website. You will have to join the mailing list to learn about travel events and other events. – The African American Travel Conference (AATC) is a group of travel planners for African-Americans – You can find information here on cruises for singles, couples, families or seniors.

Tip: There are also A LOT of travel groups available on Facebook.   Some may require permission to enter, usually a short questionnaire about yourself is requested from the admin.

Traveling in a group may not be for everyone. We all know how difficult it is to travel with others, even with best friends or close family. For some, however, group travel offers a great opportunity to share the joys and frustrations that naturally come with traveling around the world.


There are thousands of places to explore and many welcoming cultures black travelers can experience.  Find a group you feel comfortable with, pick a destination and go make some memories!

Tried any of these site? tell us what you think below …

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