Cheap travel ideas for Spring

Spring is coming at a rapid pace, so it’s a good idea to plan a vacation before the crowds. With that in mind, we have a list with some of the best, most affordable travel ideas you can choose this spring.

Puerto Rico

There are some amazing spring travel deals out there if you want to visit Puerto Rico. Plus, here you have great weather, there’s no need for passport if you come from the US and flights are reasonably priced too. The cool thing about Puerto Rico is that it has lots of amazing attractions, beaches and incredible foods.

 Palm Springs

Palm Springs is quite expensive during the summer, but you can find some amazing and cheap travel deals for the spring season. The weather here is quite good and you do have a lot of amazing activities as well as various events and lots of cool nearby cities too.


Thailand in particular is known to offer cheap travel deals all the time. But the thing that makes it stand out is the local culture, impressive locations and the uniqueness of all locations. It’s an incredible opportunity to visit an Asian country with your family, so you should make the most out of it.


Virginia is known for its great spring travel deals. They also have plenty of wine festivals, beer and tons of outdoor activities. This is a really good destination if you want to visit it with the entire family. It’s definitely one of the nicest places to visit, so you should take it into consideration.


Mexico is a no brainer when it comes to cheap travel deals. Locations like the Playa Del Carmen are extremely affordable, to the point where you can easily sit there for a week with your entire family without putting a hole through your pocket.


Israel is one of the most affordable countries for travelers. That means you can get some amazing, cheap travel deals here. Plus, the country is beautiful, and you do get access to cultural establishments, historically significant buildings and beaches.


It’s safe to say that there are some amazing spring travel deals out there. If you want to avoid spending a lot of money but still enjoy your time abroad, then you should consider visiting the aforementioned countries/locations. Not only are they amazing, but the prices are rather low, and that means you won’t need a huge budget!



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