Best Booze Cruise secrets!

If your like me and my crew, we went on a cruise to have a good time and DRANK! Yup, we came to getaway, relax and definitely get our sip on.  Here are some helpful tips and hacks to get every last drop, out of your next Booze cruise vacation!


-Think twice about all you can drink package-

Almost all the major cruise lines offer drink packages.  Passengers want to have a good time, so cruise lines want to keep the liquor flowing.

But before you indulge, cruise lines are businesses and they have a bottom line to meet.  The first, downfall is you pay for everyday your on the ship even if you don;t drink anything at all.  So deciding on whether or not it’s worth it depends on how much you drink.

-Braids, twist and locks are recommended-

Each Melanin Queen rocks their hair differently, from natural to relaxed.  But, if you know you might have a couple wasted moment on board, protective styles might save you some time and help keep it cute.

-Find the adults pool-

Most cruises have an “adult” friendly pool area separate from the main family or kid pools. There may or may not be a fee to hang out here.  But it may be worth it, if someone in your crew gets a little rowdy after poolside margaritas.

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Other Helpful Cruise Tips:

Motion sickness pills are free at the guest services deck ( we REALLY wish we knew this one on our first cruise).

Save money on parking at the port, by taking a lift or walking.

The drink of the day is not a deal – but if you are going to indulge get it in a plain glass, it should take the price down a bit.

Use walkie talkies to communicate


Cruise when kids in school: Booking a cruise while kids are in school is a great way to save some money. Look for deals on travel websites and search for specific dates.

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Older ships are cheaper- Cruises promote newer ships and amenities, but a lot of older ships have the same great stuff. Older ships also will partner with outside restaurants and entertainers to bump up the entertainment and get you the same great vacation.

So there ya have it, some cruise tips we wish we knew before booking our first girls cruise.

BUT, Before you go, to answer the number one question WE had before taking are first BOOZE cruise …. we did a search and found HIDDEN FLASKS  (only work on certain cruise lines)  Happy Cruising 😉



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