5 Tips to Declutter the Toy Room in 1 Hour or Less

Toy rooms are an excellent thing to have in your home because they help you keep your child’s mess contained. But let’s face the facts. A toy room can become cluttered very quickly.

As time goes on, the toys just seems to pile and pile up. Pretty soon, your looking at an avalanche of playtime madness.

We’d love to believe that our children pick up and get rid of everything they don’t use, but that’s just not realistic. So today we’re going to share some tips on how to declutter a toy room quickly. Let’s not waste another minute.

Tip #1: Put everything into a pile.

Start by collecting everything in the room and put it into one massive pile. Yes this may seem counterintuitive and will create a mess to begin with, but it will help you to see everything you have within the room so that you can organize it appropriately afterwards.

Tip #2: Sort everything into two piles

Once you have everything compiled in the middle of your room, sort things into two piles; things you will keep and things you will get rid of. If you have trouble getting rid of items, ask yourself

 “when was the last time my child used this?”   If it has been over six months since you have seen them play with the toy, it’s probably safe to say that you can get rid of it without them even noticing.

Once your “to go” pile has been created, pack everything away in a large bag or box and send it out the door.

Tip #3: Utilize your storage space

Once you have everything you are going to keep sorted, start using the space that you have. You can put things that your child doesn’t use very often in the closet, organizing it in bins or boxes.

Tip #4: Utilize bins

Speaking of bins and boxes, these will be your best friend when it comes to decluttering your toy room. Bins can help you to store little knick-knacks or odd pieces that can often make your room look cluttered without them.

You can organize your bins into like categories. For example, all legos can go in one bin and all musical toys can go in another. For very small children, we recommend soft bins that will prevent them from getting hurt when searching through them.

Tip #5:  Teach your children to tidy up.

This may seem like an impossible task but by 2 years old, a child should be able to put away their own toys. Make a habit of it that they put away their toys before leaving the toy room. You can make a game out of this by singing songs or offering a reward for a good tidy up job. Getting your child to do this may be difficult at first, but over time and with lots of practice it will simply become a common habit.

Once you have completed your initial decluttering, set aside a little bit of time every few months to go through your child’s toys and discard the ones that they no longer use. This will keep your decluttering jobs quick and easy in the future.

Bonus Tip: Start A Toy Rotation Schedule:

After we had our first child, we realized this toy situation can quickly get out of control. We also realized, at times the once shiny new toys had no interest to our toddler anymore.

After venting to our fellow mommy co-worker, she explained how she rotates her children’s toys. By rotating the toys, it created less clutter and her children always felt like they were getting “new” toys to play with. Sounded like a win win to us!

To Start A Toy Rotation, follow these steps:

Pull Out Favorites

Take out your child’s most played with toys and put them to the side. We will separate them later, so they always have a favorite in rotation.

Separate Toys By Category

Separate your child’s toys by category, the best you can. Create piles for each category, thinking, musical, motor skills and so on.

Create Toy Mounds

Take toys from different categories and add some favorites to each toy mound. Make sure the toy mounds are manageable for your space and child. Since we have a small space, we have a toy box in the living room. But we use our bedroom storage for the other toys, and it works.


As you sorted through your childs toys, you may have found a lot of old toys they no longer play with. You can donate your old toys to thrift stores, donation centers, daycare centers and even Facebook.

Life gets hectic and busy quickly, by taking time to organize and declutter it can make a significant impact on our well-being. From experience, I can admit downsizing on my child’s toy experience has made our home a lot more comfy, manageable and cozy for us all.

How do you manage toy clutter? comment and share below !

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