5 Tips For Decluttering Your Home Office in a Flash!

You’ve had enough! Your drawers are a mess, you can’t find your files and your just utterly frustrated with your office space.

Don’t worry we’ve all been there before!

An organized home office puts you in the right frame of mind for work. You’ll complete more tasks in a shorter amount of time since your home office will be free of any distractions.

Many of us know that we should be decluttering our workspace. However, only a few of us do something about it. Perhaps decluttering sounds like a task that takes too much time. If you want to declutter your home office quickly and efficiently, read on below.

Plan Your Time

You’ll never get around to decluttering if you never put it down on your schedule.

How big your home office space dramatically affects how much time your decluttering will take. If you have a larger home office, expect to spend more time decluttering. If you don’t have too much time, allocate just an hour a day over a week.

The point is to create time in your schedule for decluttering. Don’t declutter only when you think you have some extra time in the week. Make it a point to spend some time to start decluttering.

Dispose of & Donate

Take a look at your home office space. Go through everything in your office and identify which objects are critical. Then, separate everything essential from the things that you can make do without. Be ruthless when choosing which items to let go of. Don’t keep anything that doesn’t support your work.

Digitize Documents

Piles of paper are probably the most space-consuming objects in your home office. Before those piles get any taller, you’re going to want to get them under control. Dispose of any papers that are no longer relevant and that are safe to dispose of. If you have documents that you may need to refer to in the future, consider digitizing them.

Store in Containers

Store all your office supplies in containers, baskets, bins, and drawers. You can have separate bins for smaller knick-knacks and another container for larger supplies. Whichever way you choose to sort your office supplies, be sure to keep these supplies out of sight.

Use Vertical Space

A quick and easy way to declutter your home office is to think vertically. Rather than laying down all your documents on the ground, use your wall space. You can use your wall space to hang filing systems, whiteboards, shelving, calendars, etc. You’ll be surprised to find that by organizing vertically, you have more space than you thought.

Progress is still Progress !

Life is hectic for us all, if you’ve made it this far; give yourself some credit. Organizing and Decluttering is no easy task.

If you’ve followed the tips above, you should have a neat and tidy home office. And, it probably didn’t take too long to declutter. However, your task now is to keep your office decluttered.

Consider doing some quick tidying up at the end of each day. By doing some quick decluttering often, you won’t ever be left with the task of having to spend a week or two completely decluttering your office ever again.

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