Find the Cheapest Airfare with Sky Scanner App!

We all have our go to sites, I definitely have a few favorites. Thanks to modern tech, you can book airfare and a hotel in less than an hour.  After thinking I’d used them all,  a fellow traveler mentioned SKY SCANNER (mind blown).  Below we’ll show you how you can travel ANYWHERE with  Sky scanner and save you some definite cash.

Step 1:

If you know what days you have available, type EVERYWHERE in the destination section.  Sky Scanner will scan data from major airlines to find flights at the lowest price and shortest layovers.

Step 2:

Step 3:

This works great for international travelers, who don’t have a preference on where they go but want to get away.  You can also set alerts, so you never miss that flight deal.

We used this app to find cheap airline flights to Cancun, for my friends birthday.  We got the approved days off work and found flights at the cheapest price, win, win!  Check out Sky scanner’s Daily Flight Deals! , happy travels!

*Travel tip: Search dates in the travel off season (when kids are in school) to find BIG DEALS!  🙂