New Orleans: A Tour Guide

Straddling on the Mississippi River, New Orleans is the 2nd largest city in the US state of Louisiana and a melting pot of French, African and Brazilian culture. Coincided with exotic food, religions, traditions, and lifestyle and for sure Jazz, the port city has been expanded at the crossroads and exploration, trade and commerce. Located in Southern Louisiana, this city breath worth living eating, drinking and happily simmered away since 1718. The cultural influence from France, Africa, Brazil and the Deep South, with the mixture of Catholicism, Voodoo, Cajun Zydeco and Dixieland Jazz, New Orleans has become one of the famous and most lively travelling destinations of America. New Orleans lives with a motto, Let the Good Times Roll, and young travelers waste no moment to have good times roll. Let’s explore more about New Orleans and see what it has to offer for its travelers.

The Jackson Square

Start your day in the Big Easy by visiting a café in Jackson Square and marvel the riding statue of Andrew Jackson in the saddle who was the General of the rag-tag army of locals that broke British in the battle of New Orleans. Jackson Square is lined with many of the historical and grand old buildings of the city such St. Louis Cathedral. On both sides of the Cathedral, Square has two historical French Quarter Buildings named, the Cabildo and the Presbytere that also formed up the State Museum of Louisiana. Over the square, the 1850 House still recreate life in a row-house from the age of Antebellum. Across the corners of the square, you can visit Old US Mint that preserves city’s mercantile and musical riches.

The French Quarter

Birthplace of Jazz, the French Quarter is the home of city’s partly friendly streets and filled with numerous bars, clubs and restaurants. But here you can get more than good times as the Quarter has many prime attractions of the city including French galleries and street artworks.

Jazz Phantom

The Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras are the most captivating festivals in New Orleans without any exaggeration where you can spend hours of the party. In each celebration, you will be engaged and invigorated by the face masking and wearing a new look with some costumes and makeup. However, the most exciting part of New Orleans is Jazz for which the city has world famous recognition. Jazz is the heart of American popular music, the father of rock and brother of Blues and New Orleans is the hometown of Jazz.

Memorial Hall

A little farther French Quarter, visit the Memorial Hall, that cherished the faces and voices of Americans Civil War which burst out in the cannon smoke of that time. Nearby, discover National World War Two Museums which have been hailed and honored as the most important treasury of 2nd world war in America.

Lafayette Cemetery

Rise outside a St Charles streetcar, designed for the Garden district and find the cemetery of Lafayette among the Victorian cottages and magnificently plantation homes. Either you join a tour guide, local volunteer, or explore the graves by your own but be prepared as it is noted as the most haunted cemetery in the country.


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