Own a home in Italy for $1 !

Ever wanted to own a home abroad?  A town in Italy could make your dreams come true! The Italian Mediterranean town of Ollolai, is starting a real estate frenzy by offering 200 stone-dwellings for the low price of $1.



Yes, you read that right, one crisp dollar and we can’t lie; it sounds mighty tempting.   Italy is beautiful, who wouldn’t want to live there for the price of a slurpee?


Surprisingly. this isn’t the first town in Italy to pull this stunt. While parts of Italy are robust and growing, the small town of Ollolai; was becoming desolate.  Many of the younger residents have moved on to more bustling cities, leaving the town bare.

The Mayor, Efisio Arbau pleads ““My crusade is to rescue our unique traditions from falling into oblivion.”  


We did a little more research and found the catch. It seems the houses aren’t exactly in the best condition and each new owner must commit to refurbishing the home within 3 years.  All the mandatory repairs is estimated to cost each new owner $25,000 dollars; which is still a deal for some. While Ollolai is a more quaint town with hills and shepherds, we hear there are even abandoned castles going up for sale abroad.

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