Summer Vacation Ideas with your Tweens and Teens in Mind!

Planning, researching, and choosing a family summer vacation can be a challenging task, particularly for families with tweens/teenagers. It is a risky proportion to pull your kids from their after-school activities, sports, and friends for a family getaway, but fortunately there are some great summer vacation ideas available. Wondering where to go on summer vacation with tweens/teenagers? Here are some ideas:

National Park Trip

When you are looking to take a break from technology-filled, busy life, there is no better place than a national park for the best vacation with your kids. Most parks offer great wildlife viewing and amazing hikes and others have access to activities like kayaking or horseback riding. Often there will be a state park nearby that has several more opportunities for kids-friendly adventure.

All-inclusive Resort

When you are planning a multi-generational trip to make memories with your kids, all-inclusive resorts are a great choice. However, if you have older teens then it would be a good idea to find a very teen-friendly resort or bring a friend for tweens if they don’t have any family members of the same age.

Domestic Outdoor Adventure Trip

Although national parks are a great option for summer vacation with teens, an active adventure trip would be a better choice if you want to kick the adventure up a notch. A multi-day rafting trip is a great option for families with teenagers. You will spend your time having fun on the river during the day and then camp at night. If your family likes to camp, then it’s definitely a great option. A multi-day biking trip is another option that keeps you active but has a little more comfort. You will bike by day through magnificent settings and then head to a hotel at night to unwind.

Theme Park Trip

A theme park trip with kids can be a great experience and this experience differs depending on whether you have tweens or teenagers. For example, with teenagers, your entire theme park trip will be about immersive experiences and rides instead of character meet and greets. Some theme parks are more suitable for big kids and if your kids love water parks, then that option is available as well. Water parks nowadays offer cool attractions and innovative features that are ideal for family summer vacation.

Family Cruise

Even though kids of all ages are often seen on cruises, tween and teen ages are ideal for a family cruise. Your teenage kids can take advantage of the teen clubs and make their own friends when they are cruising. This will leave you with some free time to have fun on your own. Many cruise lines have teen clubs with teen-friendly amenities such as special parties, DJs, video games, kids’ spas, private pools, and more. Another benefit of cruising with teens is that they will have their own key cards and they will be able to walk around the cruise on their own. Before you book a family cruise with kids, it is recommended that you research the ship to make sure that there are lots of activities that your kids will enjoy.

International Adventure

There are lots of international adventure travel destinations suitable for family vacation trips e.g. New Zealand, Argentina, Costa Rica, Iceland, etc. If you have the budget, Iceland is a great choice due to its amazing landscapes, proximity, and excellent once-in-a-lifetime experiences like ATVing, glacier hiking, riding a super jeep through rivers, taking a zodiac boat between icebergs, etc.

For moderate budget, Costa Rica is another excellent vacation destination as it offers a wide range of fun activities such as ziplining, waterfall rappelling, hiking, rafting, and more. Canadian Rockies is a recommended option if you are looking for a more affordable Iceland alternative. You can glacier hike, go horseback riding, climb a Via Ferrata, zipline, and more for much less.

Cultural Immersion

Visiting a non-Westernized country with a strong local culture is a great option if you are looking for an immersive experience and help your teenage kids gain a better appreciation of the different cultures and the world in general. On a cultural trip, you and your kids can see what it is like to be completely out of your elements when it comes to culture, food, and language.

Many family vacation ideas for tweens and teenagers don’t go far enough to break the kids’ habits at home. While it does not always take something extraordinary to do so, it does take something memorable and special and these vacations with kids are a good start.

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