Surprising Millennial Travel Trends

Millennial’s vs. Baby Boomers, the battle has inspired many hashtags and twitter feuds.   Millennials range in age from 18-34 and are really starting to make a big impact on travel trends.  Baby Boomers have been making travel waves for years and there trends are well documented.  So what’s the difference between these two generations?  Who’s traveling more? And where are they going? Here’s some surprising Millennial Travel Trends, which even we were surprised by!

1. Millennials Travel more ( and further away)

Millennials travel more than Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers according to recent research .  While Baby Boomers are more likely to travel domestically.  Overall Millennials still travel more, both international and domestic.

2. Did someone say Romance?

Romance, yup the millennials are all about that in 2017.  Taking significantly more Romantic Getaways than Baby Boomers.  Millennial’s are traveling abroad and to sexy destinations like Spain, Rome and Paris.  But who wouldn’t want to visit these beautiful places?  With breathtaking views, and romantic spots like Eiffel Tower and La Concha Beach.  It’s no wonder millennial’s are traveling abroad for the perfect #baecation.

3. We use our phones (a lot)!

Millennials are more likely to book their trips via online resource.  While Baby Boomers will book online quite often, millennials are still online booking more weekend getaways than any other generation.  Top travel websites for millennial’s include Hotel/Air/Car bundles deal websites such as Priceline and Expedia.  Runner ups are review and comparison sites, like Trip advisor and Trviago.

4. Budget, Budget and more Budgeting

Millennials are here for the getaway but not high price airfare.  Millennials are likely to change their trip plans based off airfare prices than any other generation.  Also, wait for it…. millennials budgeted and saved more on travel than older counterparts in 2017! So don’t listen to the hype, Millennials are stretching the dollar more than any other generation.

Looks like millennials saved and romanced all through 2017, when it comes to travel.  Will millennials have similar travel trends in 2018? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Research retrieved from: 2017-travel-trends.pdf on 12/2017

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