Thinking about joining a Black Travel Group?

We’ve all heard the “horror” stories about how Black people are treated abroad,  Locals may stare at you, ask to take pictures or want to touch your hair, but these dilemmas don’t over shadow all the positive experiences that international and domestic travel can bring.

Over the years, there has been an increase in travel companies, websites and blogs that celebrate and promote Black travel. When you travel in a group, you fly together, you stay in the same hotels, many of your meals are served, so you often eat together and when you explore the area, you travel by coach with an explanation of the points of reference you are visiting.  Some share rooms to save on costs, while others prefer to obtain their own rooms. And there is always ample free time where you can do something on your own if you need some time alone or go with one or two more if you are like me and you are afraid of getting lost. I’ve been lost in a foreign city before and it was bad.


If you are worried about not being able to find travel companions, try to create a group on Facebook and start advertising it on your social networks. My sister joined a Facebook travel group and just returned from a week-long trip to the Dominican Republic. (Yes, she was riding horses on the beach … I’m jealous).

Don’t forget to be prepared and proceed with caution. The traveling group my sister joined required all prospects to send a three-part questionnaire before being accepted into the group. You do not have to do this for your group, but you will want to come up with some kind of requirement before allowing entry.

Belonging to a Black travel group may not be for everyone. But it may also be the only way you feel comfortable traveling if you do not want to travel on your own.

Find Black Travel Groups for 30 and up

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