The Secret to Perfect Vacation Hair!

The weather is heating up and it’s time to book those summer vacations.  Whether you’re staying local or going somewhere exotic like the Bahamas.  You’ll want have fun on your tropical vacation while keeping your hair on point.  Before you book an appointment with your braider or beautician.  Hair extensions and wigs could be a good alternative to braids and weaves.  I know, wigs were not what you were thinking but here us out we found a few that could work.  But getting the perfect beach wave look with little to know effort is easier than you think.

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Choose a Wave Pattern

The number one wave pattern for vacation wigs and extensions is wavy.  You can choose between the tightness of the curl by comparing to your own pattern.  If you choose extensions and have relaxed hair a looser wave will work best for both wigs and extensions.  If you have natural or transitioning hair, picking a curly or kinky texture will blend perfectly.


Extensions can help you go from day to night with little effort. They will take a little more effort than wigs and braids but the versatility is endless.  You could have beach waves during the day and straighten your extensions for a sleek evening look.

Hair tip:  Before you dive in, soak your hair with fresh water. Extensions are naturally drier, so they soak up a lot of water very quickly. If they’ve already absorbed the fresh water, then it will receive less damage from the salt water.




Whether you’re a pro at lace fronts or a novice on wigs all together.  Wigs can help you change your look flawlessly.  So, for instance you wanted a beach wave for poolside drinks but long sleek locks for dinner. Wigs can help you change things fast and give you more time to have fun.

Half Wigs – Quick Weaves

Lace Fronts:


Everyone has their different styles preference when it comes to vacation hair.  But there are some choices worth trying.  Braiding up your hair and wearing extensions could save you a lot of time and protect your hair from breakage.

Do you get extensions for your vacations?

Which wave type is best for vacations?

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