14 Things You Should Know Before Moving Day

We understand how daunting and stressful it can be to move into a new place. Whether you are moving alone, with friends or family it is better to always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. With so many things going on and the excitement of moving it is common for individuals to forget and misplace things on moving day.

To avoid any of these instances it is advised to prepare ahead. This way complicated tasks can be catered to beforehand ensuring a smooth trouble-free experience. Now to make sure you have arranged for all the necessary processes we have carefully compiled a list of tasks and information for you to keep in mind.

Remember to be patient and vigilant, moving is a time-consuming process that can strain the best of us. It is also advised to always seek out additional help whether it be friends, family, or even professional movers. Anyone who can lend a hand to help ease any anxieties and provide extra support.

Be prepared to have your moving day completed without a hitch with these steps.

Last Minute Preparations are Always a Disaster

Individuals often mistake just how fast time goes! Make sure you begin packing your belongings and cutting off loose ends beforehand. Always start with objects and belongings that are not in frequent use and work your way up from there. Packing itself can be quite time-consuming and should never be left for the last minute!

The Massive Benefits of Clearing the Clutter

Reduce packing and moving costs by clearing the clutter! Donate, sell, or discard any objects and belongings that you no longer use, have an attachment to. Create efficient piles of stuff you want to keep and throw away. This helps to make the entire packing process go more smoothly.

Stationary and Cleaning Supplies Always Come in Handy

Moving entails, a lot of packing and so individuals should stock up on different tapes, markers, and scissors to make sure they are well equipped to safely secure all of their belongings. Additionally, packing paper and bubble wrap can also be purchased to completely immobilize your products. Cleaning supplies need to be arranged to make sure you are prepared to clean up after your movers have been through your new home.

Excellent Quality Wrapping and Packing Materials are a Must

Nothing is more important than the safe delivery of your precious belongings. Swaddle and wrap your fragile belongings with bubble wrap and packing paper. Your kitchen utensils and dinnerware need to be packed neatly so avoid breakage. Newspapers are also just as effective in providing additional stuffing.

Benefits of Purchasing Boxes of all Sizes

Purchasing boxes in a variety of sizes can help to sort fragile objects from clothing etc. This way sorting is more convenient and smaller boxes can be stacked efficiently in a moving truck. Individuals should check their local grocery stores for free boxes!

Moving Blankets are an Excellent Option

Did you know you can cover your furniture with moving blankets? Well for those who didn’t you can! Prevent any scratches and damage being inflicted on your paintings, furniture, or mirrors by packing them with blankets. Your door frames in your new home will also be protected when moving furniture around!

You Can Never have Enough Checklists!

There is nothing better than making a list of all the tasks and furniture you have packed, or have to pack. We can all get a little forgetful when juggling a bunch of tasks together. Make and manage your belongings with these lists so you don’t leave anything out by mistake.

Benefits of Renting Storage Units

PODS and storage units can be arranged for if your transition from one home to another takes longer than expected. Instead of shifting your stuff in a friend’s house, you can easily hire storage space for some weeks.

Checking Utilities is very Important

Before you officially move into your new place, tenants should turn on all necessary utilities. This is to ensure there aren’t any issues with water and electricity. It is also not the best idea to move into a dark home!

Budgeting is Crucial!

Moving can be quite costly if not done incorrectly. Make sure you plan your finances and movers beforehand to avoid any additional costs.

A Moving Calendar is your Best Friend

Planning never lets anyone down. Plan every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition of the time-consuming process. For individuals who struggle from laziness, setting goals or tasks each day can help motivate them to stay focused.

Marking your Rooms can help Immensely

Marking your boxes with their contents is one thing but usually, no one thinks to also mark their rooms. Place a little sticky note on each door in your new home to specify what furniture and boxes go where.

First night bag and Food prep – Self Care is Very Important

The first day of moving can be quite strenuous and exhausting, don’t forget to eat your meals and take some breaks! Having some small snacks and food can help ease any stress and prevent you or your family from getting hangry. With all of your main stuff packed away, it is important to remember to pack an overnight bag. The initial day of moving is spent on transporting all of your belongings. With an overnight bag, you are prepared with your necessary toiletries and pajamas. Ensuring you are prepared to get a good night’s rest before a day of unpacking!

Important paperwork and Valuables go with you always!

Trusting your documents to movers is never a smart move. Always carry your important paperwork and valuable with you to avoid any theft and misplacement. Documents can quite often get lost when unpacking when mixed with packing paper and other materials. Carrying these documents with you ensures their safety and decreases the chances of them being misplaced.

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