Top 3 reasons to visit Santorini

This is the place with the most beautiful sunsets. What should you see and experience in Santorini, the most romantic island in Greece? Here are three reasons why you should visit it and how to have a good time there.

1. Beaches on Santorini with black, white and red sand

You will have the impression that you are in Mexico – bush vegetation, cacti, heat and warm wind that constantly blows.

Namely, Santorini is due to its specific volcanic origin is a beach with black, white and red sand. And it’s a very popular destination for Europeans as well as tourists from countries like Australia and Japan.

2. Hotels with pools are everywhere

There is plenty of cascading pools and a beautiful view from the same to the bluish horizon is amazing. It’s an island that is a very unstable area, and in the past, the inhabitants survived devastating earthquakes.

That is why there are no tall buildings, and it seems that inhabitants value life in a deeper and different way.

It should be noted that there is no natural water for drink, but islanders have made a lot of effort and provided so much water that this Greek island has the largest number of swimming pools per square meter!

3. Oia – sunset and weddings on Santorini

For those who want more, there is Oia. The village is high in the hills, 150 meters above sea level. It has the most beautiful sunset.

By the way, you can see the most exclusive villas there with the most expensive sight in Europe, the innovative Jacuzzi that teases you to cool yourself in them. Then, artfully designed cafes and young couples who came there to get married.

That is why in Fira and Oia you can meet newlyweds from all over the world, because, as the legend says, the couples who are getting married there, will stay together forever.

This is the only place in Greece with an organized welcome for sunset every night which is followed by a thunderous applause. It’s as if people from all over the world come to the place to remind yourself that the beauty of life is enjoying the simple things.

The architecture of the island is in accordance with nature with emphasis on the ecological way of life, and this completes the experience of uniqueness. Although there are many tourists, Santorini is very peaceful peace.

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