The top 3 beach destinations in Mexico

From the dreamy beaches to the delicious cuisine, Mexico has quietly become a world-class travel destination.  Unfazed by the controversy surrounding it’s borders, this destination is becoming more and more popular.

Why Mexico and why is it attractive? First, it’s exotic: in addition to the chic beaches and  mysterious Mexican pyramids there is still much to explore.   Secondly, when it’s cold in your homeland, in Mexico its all sunshine and margaritas.

Thirdly, Mexico offers resorts for every taste: World class resorts are everywhere along, the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific coast, and, of course, the Caribbean Sea.  There are literally thousands of resorts in Mexico, but here’s a few of the best.

“which can be reached only by boat,

this island is a tropical paradise”

Puerto Escondido

The first is the beautiful town of Puerto Escondido, located in the Oaxaca state. Tourists usually come here from Oaxaca de Juarez, which is about five hours away by bus.

Puerto Escondido is more like a village with not very developed infrastructure. However, the bus station,

supermarket, hotels, and restaurants are available. People come for a quiet rest, surfing and unity with nature. But, it’s also a place for young people because there they can find a special hippie-atmosphere.

Puerto Escondido delights and amazes with its beaches. Cute cozy coves, palm trees, picturesque rocks, emerald water, nice sand, great waves for surfers, dolphins, and turtles – that’s are the main advantages of local beaches.


Opposite the popular resort of Playa del Carmen is the Cozumel island, a destination well-known to all tourists in Mexico and people from all over the world. The island has a fine white sandy beach with a coral reef near the coast that can be reached by swimming while the surrounding sea is known for its strong sea currents. The island of Cozumel is an ideal destination for diving enthusiasts and all others who love the clear blue water.

Isla Mujeres

The name of the island originates from ancient Indian times when the area was devoted to the goddess of the moon, love, and fertility Ixchel.  Who has been adored by setting up of beautiful woman silhouettes on the island, and when the first European came on the island, it was named Isla Mujeres or the women island.

Near Cancun is the small Isla Mujeres island, which can be reached only by boat, this island is a tropical paradise in which the main interests are diving and sunbathing on beautiful beaches. In essence, there are not many other enchantments that can occupy you. The beaches are covered with beautiful white sand and the sea surrounding the island is crystal clear and full of exotic plants and animals.

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