5 Best Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Travel is a chance to grow and to learn, a chance to fully realize your potential and to connect with the wider world in exciting new ways. Many women are nervous about traveling solo, but solo travel can be empowering. Here are some tips for solo female travelers that should help you get the most from your adventures:

Plan Ahead & Be Prepared

Some spontaneity is great, but planning can help to make sure that you get the vacation that is right for you. Check that you have all the necessary documentation in place, but also make sure you have researched all your options and have an idea of what you can expect from every destination.

Don’t reveal your accomodations

This one is a little obvious but if you are traveling alone as a women and you meet people, don’t mention where you are staying, especially if you get weird vibes.

Majority of the time you will be fine, but it’s better to keep this information to yourself, just in case.

Be IndependentHolidays can be stress-free, but true adventure for solo travelers comes from choosing more independent travel options. Forge your own path to feel empowered and to discover new places and meet new people. Independent solo travel makes it easier to meet new people and to be open to new connections.

Add a Security Blanket

This may sound a little strange, but bringing along anything that makes you feel “safe” may make your trip more enjoyable.  This could be something that reminds you of home, blanket, your favorite music, pepper spray or even a safety doorstep.  Safety doorsteps are a great because you just shove them under the hotel door, and they will alarm you of anyone breaking in.

If you want to take another step toward feeling secure pack a security item you can carry with you at all times.  We like a simple and portable travel safety whistle.

Travel Outside Peak Times

Traveling outside peak times often means lower prices. More than that, traveling in winter, spring or fall can mean fewer crowds and more authentic experiences.

Get Off The Beaten Track

Think outside the box when it comes to solo travel options. Take an eco tour, or enjoy slow travel options – hiking, biking or enjoying other outdoor adventure. Ditch the hoards and go your own way for sustainable solo travel.

Be Open To New Experiences

A beach break can be bliss, but don’t narrow your options too much. Be open to new experiences – stretch yourself. Put yourself our there and don’t be afraid to try new things on your solo travel adventure.

Last but not least, Enjoy yourself! You’ve done something alot of people won’t, so let your hair down and have a great time!

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