What to do in Jamaica?

Jamaica is the right choice for you if you want to combine pleasure in natural wealth and pure relaxation. Golden beaches, bright-green mountains, turquoise, coral reliefs, rivers and mineral springs will make this island will forever be in your memory. Whether you go on a hiking tour or decide to ride a horse on the beach, you will not regret it. By the way, you will learn a lot about the history of this country, but you will dive also into the old tropical fruit plantations.

The Rio Grande River rafting

Professional guides will ride you to bamboo rafts and will lead you to a fantastic rafting through a tropical rainforest that lasts two and a half hours. Rafting is possible there since 1911 when farmers used Rio Grande to transport bananas. Gentle water and beautiful nature will make your stay in Jamaica as long as possible.

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In the Caribbean Sea off Jamaica’s coast, 700 species of fish live, among which you can find barracuda, moray eels, marlin, and dolphins. The most beautiful places for scuba diving are in the north of Jamaica.

There, under the water, you will see coral reefs that form vertical walls, underwater caves, as well as sunken ships. As the most popular dive sites can also be identified Throne Room, which is located near Negril, and the sunken ship Katherine. The water there is very clean and visibility is about 30 m.

Adrenaline rush adventures

There is nothing to be compared to these adventures.  You need to climb up the Mystic Mountain with a cable car and then on a bobsled slide down through the rainforest.

Another option for adrenaline addicts is the famous zip line down the mountain – more precisely, the descent down the steel wire while holding the check. True Indiana Jones adventure. If you don’t like too much adrenaline, you can decide to walk on the Mystic Mountain, visit the gardens of colibrium and butterflies and numerous natural beauties.

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Reggae clubs on every corner

They’re outdoor clubs with a view of the spectacular sunset or jumps in the water. The concerts are held on almost every night. While you are in Jamaica, forget about the ability to hear any other kind of music other than reggae!


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For all standards, prices in Jamaica are fairly affordable. Cocktails on the beach are about $3 and almost every bar offers “two for the price of one”. It’s possible to drink a coffee for a dollar, a beer for two, and meals are from 4 to 20 dollars.

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