What to Pack First When Your Moving

Although a very happy period in your life, moving can tend to be a bit overwhelming for most. We made a big move in 2018, and we just dove in with no real plan. We made it through but we can’t say it was a smooth move, at all.

When your moving there are a ton of decisions to make, big and small.  With the immense amount of decisions to be made on moving day. It is often challenging to find even the simplest questions.

Before You Begin Packing

Sit down and make a checklist. Think of the busiest rooms in your home and make your own schedule by these principles. Lastly, get rid of the things you do not need. The less you pack, the better, as more of boxes mean more time and more money. Moving is a great time to sort through old clothing and donate any unused items.  If you have kids, get them involved to help create so feel good vibes before your big move.

What to Pack First


A good place to start is with already stored and boxed items.  It’s most likely the cases, you don’t need many of these items at the moment. Think of your garage or basement and all those small things you have even forgotten you have. It sounds like a lot of work, but chances are most of the items are already sorted in boxes or jars, so it should be simple.

Paintings and Home Décor Items

 should also be packed away first. Miniature figures, porcelain, vases, or expensive artwork- should be handled with special care and labeled fragile.  By placing these things up and out the way, you’ll at least have peace of mind.

Towels and Linens

Towels and Linens are good items to pack first because they are pretty easy to get packed up.  If the items are packed up, they can’t end up in the washer! Perfect, your family will naturally learn to live on less of your stuff if half of it is packed up.


When it comes to clothing, you should set aside items to wear for a week or so.  But, the principal of unnecessary items first, still applies to clothing.  For example, out of season items or unnecessary pairs of shoes take up too much space and count for the ‘’though-to-move’’ category.

The Bedroom and Living Room

This is where most of your home to large furniture pieces and expensive TVs, computers, etc. Leave these rooms for the last couple of days.

The Other Stuff

We sorting books, toys, and kitchen items leading up to your move. This can typically be energy draining.

Packing Tips

So, now that we have been over what to pack first, we want to share the three principals of packing. These principals can be used in many areas of your life and for future moves.

  1. Rooms Used the Least

Moving is a mess, but life moves on. During this haste, you still have to go to work, kids go to school, you have to eat, sleep, and tie up loose ends.  Thus, functionality and keeping the ship afloat is your top priority.

Rooms that you do not use as often would not disable you if you pack them right away. So, by packing up these rooms even a week in advance; you’ll be able to make a dent in your packing without interrupting your current life.

2. Pack Nonessential Items

Now that you have packed up a room or two, you can move on to non-essential items.

When you do not know where to start, go with things you would not need until after moving. When you have 10 boxes set to go, you would feel much more accomplished, so it would be easier to move on to the next step. 

3. The Hard Stuff

Do not get yourself into wasting precious energy, moving requires a lot of it. Complete though parts first, while you still have enough motivation. All the hard items, should be left for last, this is to not only save time but keep you from burning out.  This especially important, if you are packing yourself or with little help.

Take a deep breath, and let’s get ready for a new beginning.

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