10 Ways to Make New Friends After Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city can be intimidating, particularly if you don’t know anyone there. However, making new friends after moving to a new city doesn’t have to be as stressful as the relocation itself.

If you are moving to a new city, on your own or with your family, you are probably wondering how you will find friends. The good news is, virtually every city has something to offer regarding socializing, which means you will easily find friends after your relocation.

There are many things you can do even before you arrive, to start your search for a new clique. The following are some recommendations and tips:

Start by Getting Yourself in the Right Mindset

People are often overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of making new friends. No matter whether you are very social, shy, outgoing, or introverted, making new friends requires you to put yourself out there.

In order to bring new people into your life, you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone in order to make some genuine connections. Don’t let the fear of rejection prevent you from reaching out to people or trying something new. You’ll find your tribe, soon enough!

social group

Pick up a stress relieving hobby, like yoga in order to get the positive energy flowing. It’s not uncommon to feel nervous and uncomfortable when you move to a new city, but don’t let nerves become the wall separating you from new friendships.

Remember that others have been or are currently in the same situation as you, so it is likely that many of the people you meet in the new city are also looking for new friends.

Look into Activities You Enjoy

One of the best ways to help yourself overcome nerves and fear is to use your interests and strengths as stepping stones into social introductions. If you are doing something you are good at or something you love, it can make it easier to talk to new people with similar abilities and interests.

It’s recommended that you look into the activities you’ll enjoy before relocating and sign up for activities offered in the new city. Meeting people who love doing what you do is one of the best ways to spark a friendship.

Reach Out to Old Acquaintances or Friends of Friends

If you are on social media e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc., there’s a good chance that you know of someone who lives in the city you have just moved to. It might be an old friend from high school or a friend of friend, no matter the scenario, reaching out to them could be a good way to make a connection.

Even if you meet them just to catch up, it will give you an opportunity to socialize and they might even help you make new friends.

Visit Local Businesses and Events

Virtually every city has an extensive selection of local businesses, from breweries and coffee shops, to restaurant and retail ships, and more. It is recommended that you visit the local businesses that appeal to your hobbies, needs, and interests – they might offer connections to events or groups.

Breweries often have events happening from time to time. Coffee shops are an ideal place to find flyers for events, organizations, or groups that might interest you. It is likely that the new city you have just relocated to has a wide range of community events happening all throughout the year with lots of opportunities to socialize and mingle.

Connect with Other Professionals

Networking is a key part of relocating to a new city. It allows you to find people who are in the same line of work as you. Because of this, you will be able to be become friends simply by the association with your work as you are already in the same environment.

Join a Gym

There are many benefits of joining a gym. It can help you find stress-relief, get healthier, lose weight, and even meet new people. There are people of all walks of life at a gym and you could find yourself with a new group of friends by simply sparking up a conversation with the staff, signing up for a group class, complimenting someone’s shoes, etc.

For introverts, this is a great way to feel connected without the anxiety of making new friendships quickly. Seeing the same faces in a Zumba or weight lifting class, can be enough to make you feel “connected” until you find someone you connect with.

Become a Volunteer

There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities in every city. Signing up to mentor young children, pick up trash from a natural area, or help abandoned dogs at a local animal shelter, etc. allows you to do some good and meet others with a similar passion.

Connect with a Faith Group

If you are a spiritual person, finding a church near your home in the new city is one of the best ways to meet new people and make friends. By coming to church every week, volunteering, participating in church events, or joining a Bible study, you will surely meet new people of similar spiritual beliefs who are likely welcoming and kind.

Hit the Local Park or Local Beach

If your a parent, parks can be a really great place to meet other moms. Just by getting your kids out the house for some fresh air can cause you to bump into similar minded parents. Parks are great places to meet other parents with children of similar ages.

Beaches usually have a friendly and low key vibe, perfect to find people with similar interest. Hitting up the volleyball courts or grabbing a coffee at a local shop can put you in the perfect spot to meet some new peeps.

Language Exchange

If you have moved to a new city where you don’t speak the local language, you can use it as a way to find and make new friends. You can find language exchange meet-ups through social media or other websites. At these get togethers, locals, travelers, and expats all gather to partake in conversation or learn new words.

Join a Dating or Social Site

I know we are talking about finding friends, but why not combine the two. Dating sites like Bumble, Hinge and even Facebook. Can help you connect with a love interest but also create new friendships.

Bumble BFF is a great spin off on the dating site, that offers users a chance to connect with others with the same interest. It basically works the same as the dating apps, just swipe right and go on your first “friend date”.

Start Something Cool 

You can use your newness to the city as an advantage by asking coworkers to show you around the city or to introduce you to a new, cool spot, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask your colleagues to bring a guest so that you have more chances of making new friends. Ask around to see if there are any clubs or groups in your workplace that you can join.

If there aren’t, start one. This is an excellent way to meet people with similar interests. Start a weekly D&D game, a bowling league, a book club at work – whatever you are into, there’s probably someone else who shares your passion.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to make friends after moving to a new city. No matter which city you relocate to, there will always be people around who will want to hang out with you. All you need to do is focus on the things that make you fulfilled and happy. In this way, you will be able to easily find friends after moving. So, just go with the flow and don’t stress too much about it.