14 Tips On Moving From New York to Nashville, Tennessee

Are you planning on moving from New York to Nashville? Moving to a new city can be quite exciting, but it can also be stressful.

Gathering key information about the new area, packing, getting your belongings from point A to point B, etc., there are so many things to get done before moving day. Fortunately, there are several tips that can help make it as hassle-free as possible.

The following are some tips to follow when moving from New York to Nashville:

Before Moving to Nashville

Following are some things to consider before your move to Nashville:

  • If possible, avoid moving during the winter and fall seasons.
  • Listen to weather reports beforehand and prepare yourself to face unpredictable weather.
  • When moving during summer and spring, look out for tornado or storm warnings.
  • Make sure to take all the necessary precautions to ensure a smooth move-in, such as provisions, first-aid kit, toolbox, fully charged cell phone, etc.
  • Find the closest storage – you might need it.
  • Make sure that your pets are ready for the climate.
  • Find out about parking restrictions.
  • Nashville hosts many festivals and events so be prepared and go ahead of traffic.

Develop a Master Plan

Sit down with each member of your household and develop a master to-do list. This should include a strategy for packing your belongings, contacting all your current service providers, as well as figuring out whether or not you need a professional moving service.

Get Started Early

Moving from New York to Nashville is a long and involved process, so it is crucial to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Make the preparations in advance if you have decided to hire professional movers. Call the moving company as early as possible.

Keep in mind that weekend moves require even more notice. So, call at least a month in advance if you want to move on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. For a move on Monday-Thursday, a two-week prior notice should be sufficient.

Check out facebook groups in your interest, to help find out local information. Joining a mommy group or local fishing group is an example of what groups have good local info.

Choose Your Moving Method

When moving to Nashville, you can either choose to handle each and every aspect of the move yourself or hire a professional moving company to pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack everything for you.

Many people choose the intermediate option i.e. packing up everything themselves and hiring movers to pack and move only the most awkward, largest items. The moving method you should choose depends on your schedule and cost of these services.

Although it may seem more inexpensive to do it yourself, you could be headed for some hidden cost. Movers are experts at making sure your large and akward items arrive safe and sound. For more expensive items, like your furniture; it may be better to get some professional help.

Pack and Transport Important Items Yourself

Even if you have decided to hire a professional moving company, there are certain important items that you should pack and transport yourself. These include essential, everyday things such as medications, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc. Apart from these, keep important records and documents like Social Security cards, financial documents, passports, birth certificates, etc. in your vehicle or on your person.

Valuable possessions such as jewelry should also travel with you. Bring tools such as box cutters, writing utensils, and tape on moving day. Be sure to organize all information and important documents before your move.

Get Your Car Ready

New York has a well-functioning public transportation. Unfortunately, Nashville doesn’t. So, you might want to get used to the fact that you will be driving a lot in this city. While there are some public transport options in the city, you will probably be better off driving your own vehicle.

Be Prepared to Get Used to the Heat and Humidity

Apart from expecting lack of well-functioning public transportation, you should also get used to the fact that you will probably mind the heat and humidity. Moving from New York, it might take some getting used to the Nashville weather conditions. On the other hand, it is also possible that you won’t even notice the change. That’s because of how much fun people get into in this city. There are always music events to visit and exciting places to go.

Congratulations, you’re a few steps closer to making your bid move! Remember to not get too nervous about moving from New York, NY to Nashville, Tennessee, it’s just like making any new change in your life.

Although it may seem overwhelming at first, you just need to be well-prepared. There are many things that you can do to make your move a lot less stressful and a bit more efficient. By following the above-listed tips, your move can be something that you actually look forward to.

Simply start by learning key Nashville trivia, creating a master plan, choosing a moving method, and then enlist the help of those willing to get you to the music city. Look up youtube videos, yelp reviews and create your own virtual Nashville tour guide. Get ready to enjoy your new city!