20 Things to Toss Out Before Moving Day

Moving is a great way to get a fresh new start! When you move to a new place or city, everyday is a chance at a new chapter. Moving helps you detach from your past and start a new. Moving to new place, helps you detach from the past and start a new.

Whether you’re moving to a new home, landed a new job or simply moving for fresh start. It’s important to declutter your life and let some of your unused or unwanted items go.

If your ready to move, it’s time to get rid of some things you don’t currently use to make rooms for new items.

Check out our list of 20 things to Toss Out before Moving Day :

 #1: Excess books and magazines

Toss out or donate anything you don’t read or which you don’t absolutely need in your book collection.

#2: Clothes and shoes you never wear

Get rid of any clothes and shoes you never wear, that don’t fit anymore or otherwise don’t work with your current wardrobe. 

 #3: Kitchen gadgets and gizmos

 Kitchen gadgets that you’ve only used once, gizmos and other utensils that you don’t need should be tossed out. 

 #4: Half-used cleaning supplies

If you have any bottles of half used cleaning supplies, toss them out. You can buy new ones after you move.

#5: Half-used beauty products or toiletries

The same applies to any half used beauty products are toiletries, with exceptions for products you use everyday. 

#6: Old pillows

 Old pillows are bulky and take up unnecessary space in the moving in. Toss them and buy new pillows.

#7: Excess mugs and dishware

If you have cabinets full of mishmash mugs and dishware, toss out items you don’t use on a daily basis.

#8: Plastic Tupperware

Old plastic Tupperware should be tossed out; buy new Tupperware after you move.

#9: Broken items

Toss out broken items or incomplete items, such as broken appliances, knickknacks and so on. 

#10: Old furniture

With exceptions for furniture that you don’t want to replace, it’s time to throw out old furniture which would only increase moving costs; such as old sofas, stained chairs and so on.

#11: Anything you’ve forgotten you owned

If you find objects you’ve stored away and haven’t used in years, it’s time to toss them out before you move.  

#12: Anything inexpensive and bulky that you can replace

Inexpensive, bulky items that you can replace (such as cheap shelves) should be tossed and replaced after you move.

#13: Old appliances

 Old appliances, such as old toasters or toaster ovens, should be tossed so they don’t take up space in the moving van

#14: Paper clutter

Make sure to use a paper shredder to shred bills, or other documents you don’t need but which contain private information. 

#15: Half-eaten food and old pantry items

Half-eaten food in the fridge or pantry should be given to friends; restock your pantry and fridge with fresh items after you. 

#16: Knick-knacks you don’t really need

Toss out excess knickknacks that have no sentimental value for you.

#17: Excess sheets, comforters and blankets

These are bulky items which can be costly and annoying to move; limit yourself to 2 sheet sets, 2 blankets, and your primary comforters. 

#18: DVDs, CDs, VHS or other media you don’t use anymore

Unless you still regularly use your DVD or CD collection, it’s time to toss them out. 

#19: Expired medications from the medicine cabinet

 Go through your medicine cabinet and properly dispose of expired medications.

#20: Bulky old coats

 Toss out those old, bulky coats which are only taking up closet space. 

Decluttering can be stressful in the beginning, but if you have a plan of attack; it will seem easier to tackle. By making a list of things, you wont be needing like this one; you’ll give yourself direction and have a better chance at getting fully organized.

Throwing things away, can be freeing, and it also makes room for all the more exciting things you’ll acquire in your new adventure!