5 Apps to Find Moving Help in 24hours

When your moving day is fast approaching finding help can be a tad stressful.  Finding quality people and movers can take some time and energy that could be used for other things.

 In addition, hiring the wrong movers can result in broken items, misplaced belongings and scheduling headaches. 

Avoid these common moving disasters and check out these trusted apps that offer efficient and reviewed moving help. 

We compiled a list of the best moving apps, to hire moving help quickly from your phone.  If your tight on cash, we also have a bonus suggestion for you!

Task Rabbit

If you’re looking for help quick and with no fuss, task rabbit is your place to find it.  By jumping on the app, you can find someone to help you move in your area in less than 24 hours. 

What’s great about this app, is you can read reviews from past customers.  This is a major bonus over hiring a moving company because you’ll have an idea of the quality of helper you’re getting from the start. 

Although a good helper can get a little pricey, by scrolling through profiles, you can find some newer helpers with some decent reviews who are just starting on the app and offer lower prices.

What we don’t suggest is being cheap when it comes to furniture building labor because you def get what you pay for in that arena.


Yelp is great for finding more than just great restaurants.  We’ve used yelp to find a good daycare, gym and yes, help with moving.  Sort through some of the larger moving companies and you can find self-employed or small business movers that will offer you quick quotes at reasonable prices. 

Just like task rabbit and other apps, yelp is great for reading reviews before you make a deal.  Yelp is a great place to search for long distance or special needs movers, such as pets etc.

Moving Help

Almost every state in the United States has a U-Haul location.  Which makes it super easy to take advantage of their moving and storage services.  U-Haul has an app, in which you can download called movinghelp.com. 

Movinghelp.com will help you locate movers by entering the date, location and times you need help.  The great thing about this app, is it’s already connected to a moving truck rental company, which makes it almost a one stop shop for your family.  A pro tip is to choose off peak hours, to bring down the cost of labor and truck rental.

Hire a Helper

Similar to task rabbit, hire a helper is another great place to find someone to help you move in a flash. From your phone you can search for movers in your local area and have someone booked in 24 hours to help you move. The pricing, reviews and all the info you need is available in a few swipes.

Maybe, you only get need help with unloading your new furniture. What’s great about this app is, you can book for only that, simple. Often times, we can get help at our old location from family or friends, but finding someone to help in our new one can be a tad difficult, so this is super helpful!

Compare prices, read reviews and get a handful of quotes in minutes 🙂 We like!

Short on Cash? Check out our suggestion to use your own social media or network for moving help.

Craigslist or Facebook

Social media apps can come in handy in times and you’ll be surprised who you’ll find in minutes.  Now we don’t suggest messaging strangers or calling any strange numbers.  But searching through the labor/hauling/moving section of your local craigslist can be a quick way to find a local mover. 

The problem with craigslist, is your unable to check reviews on the person you are hiring.  We do suggest practicing all safety protocols when hiring someone of the internet in this manner.

We added Facebook here because, most likely the people on your face book are your friends and family.  Sometimes all it takes is a quick post, to see if anyone in your network can help you move or suggest someone who can help out. 

Lots of people are looking for side gigs or just have a lot of free time.  Teens and students looking to make an extra buck or two, could be a great target.

Hiring Moving Help Tips:

For added comfort about your moving help selection, check out the BBB for consumer information.  This will help add an extra layer of assurance, you’ll be getting the quality service you paid for.