What is the Cheapest Day to Move?

We understand that moving on a budget takes a lot of planning and preparation.  Moving on a budget means you’ll want to find all the ways you can to reduce moving expenses.  While there are several proven ways to save some money on a move, relocating on the cheapest day of the week is a VERY effective strategy to minimize the moving cost and it is something you should definitely consider.

What is the Cheapest Day of the Week to Move?

The cheapest day of the week to move house is the one that is closely related to the demand of professional movers. The less demand there is for moving services, the cheaper their rates will be. Therefore, Monday and Tuesday the cheapest days of the week for a relocation.

The primary reason for these days to be the cheapest is that the majority of people book the weekend for their moves because they are free from work. As a result, moving companies have lots of reservations on those days, so you will have a hard time reserving moving supplies and a moving truck. Even if you make the reservation ahead of time, it is likely that you would have to pay more for the service as compared to other days.

Another key reason Monday and Tuesday are the cheapest moving days are the discounts or special offers. Similar to many restaurants that offer a Monday or Tuesday night special, moving companies often offer a weekday discount or special offer. The restaurants that offer specials know that these particular nights are the least popular for people to eat out. So, they add a financial incentive for people to choose a Monday or Tuesday to counter this dead period. In the same way, moving companies use discounts or special offers to book the move on a weekday so that they have a more evenly spaced schedule across the week.

Is There a Cheapest Time of the Day to Move?

Early in the morning is without a doubt the best time of the day to start a move. However, since most people choose their moves early, it is not the cheapest time to move as you won’t be able to get a better deal from a moving company. In terms of cost, evening is a better time to move house because of the low demand.

What are the Cheapest Months to Move?

The cheapest months to move, depend on the season and weather.  People tend to want to move in the hotter months, which means there is a higher demand for movers.  Cost tends to plummet in the colder months, making January, February and March the cheapest months.  Many people use their tax refunds to move which lands usually in February.  So, we’re leaning toward mid to late January being the cheapest time to move.  Although December is a cold month and the end of the year; most people are pretty settled in during the holidays.

Other Ways to Save Money while Moving:

Here are some other tips and tricks to help save you some cash when moving.

Ask for Help from Friends

Asking for help can help reduce the overall cost of hiring movers.  While this may be difficult if you are moving long distance, you can still team up with a friend who wants to go along for the road trip.

Declutter/ Donate before moving

Decluttering can save you a lot of money down the line. Because you’re lightening your overall load.  Its not recommended to get rid of things that may be expensive to replace in your new home.  But if you can off load some things for some cash to help you move; you can replace these items down the line.

Make it fun by getting some colored stickers and labeling things … KEEP – DONATE – SELL

Search for Packing Stuff

Buying boxes can actually added up over time, depending on how much stuff you have.  Asking around for boxes and collecting boxes ahead of time can help you out.  Even gathering things like duct tape etc., can help save you some dough.  We like to add everything to our amazon cart, so we at least get an idea of what the total cost of theses items will be.  If we feel we can get a better deal at other stores than we go with that instead.  As you look around for boxes, you may find out you really don’t need or want a lot of your stuff anymore.

Shop Around

Call pods, call moving companies and search yelp for reviews.  By quoting different moving companies, you can find some surprising deals.  Especially in the off season, movers may be willing to cut the cost to get your business.

Go Generic Before you Move

Before you move, we suggest switching to generic everything if you can.  This will help save you some cash for the things you want to buy in your new home.  Head to the dollar store and purchase low-cost cleaning supplies and other household things to get you by.

Think Outside the box to Save Cash

While Friday is the most popular day to move, it isn’t the best day to move when you are on a tight budget. When it comes to moving, think outside the box and go against the grain.  You may be tempted to move on a Friday so you can enjoy your new home over the weekend, we totally get it!

But it is likely that you will be up against the challenge of finding movers with availability on that day and may even have to pay more for the service. So, you should make an effort to stick to a weekday when deciding your exact relocation date. Moving between Monday and Thursday is your best chance to get a better price for your move. Cheapest time of the day to move is evening.